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Company Profile

Algorithmix HeadquartersAlgorithmix, founded in 1997, employs experienced professionals having broad expertise in digital audio, psychoacoustics, digital signal processing, electronics, as well as computer hardware and software.

The main business of the company is licensing of high-end, artifact-free, real-time DSP algorithms for customized digital audio processing systems such as: Algorithmix Headquarters
  • Digital audio workstations
  • Mixing consoles
  • 19” audio processing and effect devices
  • Acceleration boards for PC
  • Broadcast systems
  • Audio for film and video
  • Native audio PlugIns for PC & MAC audio editors
  • Networked sound reinforcement systems
  • Digital music instruments
  • Historic audio digitization, restoration, and archiving
Algorithmix renovator™ PlugIn
Algorithmix has successfully undertaken large-scale projects for professional audio and multimedia industry delivering the full range of services.
Algorithmix OEM High-End 19'' Digital Audio Processors
Such services contain product concept, definition and design, DSP hardware development including layout and FPGA design, audio interface development according to the 24-bit/96-kHz standard, DSP and uP software development, product engineering, documentation, and finally implementation of mass production.

Algorithmix Sound Laundry™ 2.5

Algorithmix has also ventured extensively into the native PC multi-media market, supplying professional audio processing tools at user-affordable prices, such as the world famous restoration toolset Sound Laundry.
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Algorithmix GmbH
Advanced DSP Technologies
Klettgaustr. 21
79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

Tel.: +49 7741 91930
Fax: +49 7741 672257

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Company Profile
Last updated: 08.03.2013