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Services offered by Algorithmix include:
    DSPblue, DSPgreen & DSPred
  • Development of multiprocessor hardware and software for real-time audio and video applications
  • Licensing of low-noise real-time digital signal processing algorithms for digital audio and sound synthesis for DSPs and general-purpose computers (PC, Mac)
  • OEM signal processing products: concept, design, development, engineering, preparation for mass production
  • Screenshots of the DSPfamily
  • Digital audio equipment based on multi-SHARC architecture: 19” audio processors, mixing consoles, DSP effect and acceleration boards
  • Remote software for networked audio
  • Real-time audio processing PlugIns for DirectX
  • Audio restoration and signal de-noising systems for remastering, archiving, film, forensic applications
  • DSPSharc Audioboard
  • Audio interfaces: high-end AD/DA converters for 24-bit/96-kHz standard, sampling rate converters, digital interfaces (AES3, SPDIF)
  • Low-cost DSP (Blackfin) audio boards
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