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  • removal of tape hiss and electronic noise from preamps and audio processors
  • de-noising after de-clicking and de-crackling of old records and optical soundtracks
  • re-mastering old recordings to CD, SACD, or DVD
  • cleaning up live recording from environmental noise
  • eliminating camera and air-condition noise from film and video soundtracks
  • cleaning up poor recorded dialogs and telephone cuts to be restored for forensic purposes
  • reducing noise from AM, short-wave, and FM radio, as well as TV sound
  • real-time operation with a turntable, tape deck, or radio receiver
  • archiving and restoration of historic audio material
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  I've been having excellent success with Algorithmix NoiseFree PlugIn. This is a world-class noise reduction PlugIn. So far I've cleaned up two projects with this PlugIn. In this latest project, I've done careful A/B comparisons against two other products I used to use before and HANDS DOWN the Algorithmix is worlds more transparent than either of the other two. Transparent in the sense that the resultant product has great sonic integrity and if the sound is degraded, is in the tiniest portion of a percentage that is only audible in the finest of acoustically-designed mastering rooms...
Last updated: 08.10.2007