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  • Flawless operation with up to 384 kHz sampling frequency, thus perfectly suitable for DSD post-production
  • proprietary, psychoacoustically-optimized noise reduction algorithm
  • virtually no artifacts when using correct settings for all parameters
  • retention of timbre, ambience and low-level details of the original signal
  • automatic removal or reduction of any kind of constant background noise like hiss, hum, camera sound and air-conditioning equipment
  • removal of  residual and surface noise from old 78 rpm and vinyl records remaining after de-clicking and de-crackling process
  • noise profile capture in two different ways:
    - for the de-noising of high-quality recordings from noise-only portion of the input audio material,
    - for time-saving tasks from any part of the input audio material
  • sophisticated noise profile modifier
  • possibility of creating artificial noise profiles just from flat noise using the noise profile modifier
  • automatic background noise chasing function for adaptive real-time de-noising
  • pre-defined processing profiles simplifying de-noising tasks in typical situations
  • clickless real-time parameter adjustment during playback
  • expert parameters for minimizing the appearance of artifacts
  • spectrum analyzer for real-time tracking of the de-noising process
  • unique difference function for real-time audio monitoring of the noise being removed
  • complete setup exchange among several simultaneously opened PlugIns
  • very effectively helps in cleaning up poor recorded dialogs or telephone cuts to be restored for forensic purposes
  • extremely high internal calculation precision (double floating point - 80 bits)
  • moderate CPU load, thus suitable for real-time multi-channel operation
  • short learning curve; good results within minutes with only two sliders
  • automatic latency compensation with Sequoia and Samplitude
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I've been having excellent success with Algorithmix NoiseFree PlugIn. This is a world-class noise reduction PlugIn. So far I've cleaned up two projects with this PlugIn. In this latest project, I've done careful A/B comparisons against two other products I used to use before and HANDS DOWN the Algorithmix is worlds more transparent than either of the other two. Transparent in the sense that the resultant product has great sonic integrity and if the sound is degraded, is in the tiniest portion of a percentage that is only audible in the finest of acoustically-designed mastering rooms...
Last updated: 08.10.2007