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DirectX/VST Plug-In that effectively removes clicks, crackles and any other transient noises with virtually no artifacts and no degradation of the original signal
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Clicks and crackles are inseparable companions of old vinyl and shellac (78 rpm) records. Before re-mastering to CD they have to be removed and the remaining gaps have to be reconstructed properly.
The ScratchFree DirectX/VST Plug-In copes with any kind of transient noises, perfectly preserving the audio quality of the original signal.
The ScratchFree DirectX/VST Plug-In effectively removes clicks and crackles from old vinyl and shellac (78 rpm) records and cleans up audio recordings tainted by switching noise, static discharge, digital cross-talk, or thyristor buzz.

Unlike other systems, the ScratchFree DirectX/VST Plug-In works virtually without artifacts when using correct settings for all parameters. It includes an excellent de-crackling algorithm preserving timbre, ambience, and low-level details in the original signal.

The de-scratching algorithm consists of two main parts: the de-clicking module and the de-crackling module. While the de-clicking module is used to remove severe clicks from old shellac and vinyl records or switching noise originating from cross-talk or improper setups of digital audio equipment, the de-crackling module removes any remaining small clicks and crackles.

ScratchFree is extremely easy to use. With only three sliders and a few preset buttons you can get respectable results within minutes.

The signal scope helps you to find ideal settings for the DeCrackler. The advanced parameters Width, Smooth, and DePlop are useful for minimizing the appearance of artifacts. The unique Differ feature allows intuitive parameter settings. You can switch between the output signal and the input/output difference, i.e., the part of input signal removed by the de-scratching algorithm. Normally, this differential signal should not contain any audible parts of the original audio material that you want to preserve.

ScratchFree provides pre-defined application profiles (Type). They preset the internal parameters and external advanced parameters to help you in typical restoration situations: digital spikes, shellac (78 rpm) or vinyl. In addition to its main application, the removal of clicks and crackles, the ScratchFree DirectX/VST Plug-In effectively diminishes any kind of distortion caused by signal overload (Clipping).

Since the CPU requirement for ScratchFree is very low, you can adjust and optimize all parameters while listening to the audio in real-time.

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Latest News:
A VST compatible version of ScratchFree is now available.
... I have been trying out lots of different files, using different settings, and I can say right now that there is no software that I've used that can come anywhere near what the ScratchFree can do when it is correctly set up. It is amazing!
Peter Harrison
Technical Director Disk2Disc - Renaissance Partners Ltd.
Currently compatible & tested DirectX/VST Host Applications

Sequoia DAW 7.0-8.x
Samplitude 7.0-8.x
Pyramix Virtual Studio 4.1-4.x
Wavelab 4.0-5
Adobe Audition 1-1.x
Cool Edit Pro 2.0
Sound Forge 4.0
Sony Sound Forge 7.0
Sadie 5.0
Nuendo 2.0
Cubase SX3/SL3
Current Version:
ScratchFree DirectX/VST PlugIn v1.30 build 1707
Last updated: 21.01.2010