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  • flawless operation with up to 384 kHz sampling frequency, thus perfectly suitable for high-resolution DSD post-production
  • effective removal of severe clicks from old shellac (78 rpm) and vinyl records
  • detection and removal of switching noise, static discharge, digital cross-talk, and thyristor buzz
  • an excellent excellent de-crackling algorithm preserving timbre, ambience, and low-level details in the original signal
  • reduction of distortion caused by signal clipping
  • pre-defined processing profiles simplifying restoration tasks in typical situations
  • clickless real-time parameter adjustment during playback
  • expert parameters for minimizing the appearance of artifacts
  • virtually no artifacts when using correct settings for all parameters
  • signal scope for real-time tracking of the de-crackling process
  • unique difference function for real-time monitoring of the disturbances being removed
  • complete setup exchange among several simultaneously opened PlugIns
  • extremely high internal calculation precision (double floating point - 80 bits)
  • moderate CPU load, thus suitable for real-time multi-channel operation
  • automatic latency compensation with compatible DAWs (e.g., Sadie, Wavelab, Cubase, Soundforge)
  • short learning curve; good results within minutes with only three sliders
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 ... I have been trying out lots of different files, using different settings, and I can say right now that there is no software that I've used that can come anywhere near what the ScratchFree can do when it is correctly set up. It is amazing! 
Peter Harrison
Technical Director Disk2Disc - Renaissance Partners Ltd.
Last updated: 21.01.2010