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  • removal of unwanted noises like sneezing, chair squeaks, coughs, car horns, coins and keys falling down, hits, bumps, rumbles, ringing of a cell phone etc.
  • correction of instrumental tracks by removing scratches (guitar, violin), wrong notes, rustle of music sheets, breathing, lip-smacks and microphone pops of a vocalist, pedals of an organ
  • restoration of old recordings by removing scratches and dropouts
  • cleaning up location records for film and TV from environmental noises
  • cleaning up poor recorded dialogs and telephone cuts to be restored for forensic purposes
  • elimination of ultrasonic disturbances from DSD recordings
  • increasing speech intelligibility in heavy forensic cases, even when the signal-to-noise ratio is around 0 dB
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I deal every day with dialogs, interviews, and other location recordings. It made me often crazy when I had to spend hours or even days to clean up a few minutes of a piece that could not be recorded once more. Now, with easyNOVA™, such operations cost me sometimes just a few seconds. I have been working with easyNOVA™ already for 5 weeks, but this technology amaze me every day anew.
Travis Neumann
Post Pro Productions
Last updated: 18.06.2006