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  • flawless operation with up to 384 kHz sampling rate, thus perfectly suitable for DSD post-production including cleaning in the ultrasonic range
  • extraordinary sonic results compared to any other cleaning method, due to selective treatment of spectral representation of the signal and not its waveform
  • audio fixes that were basically impossible until now
  • enormous time saving in repairing critical live recordings
  • easy-to-learn identification and localization of unwanted audio events
  • well prepared preset-like controls for very time-effective workflow
  • efficient removal of unwanted disturbances and their replacement by signals re-synthesized from the surrounding audio material
  • all processing functions in linear-phase domain to prevent unwanted sound coloration
  • no audible changes in desired signal and ambience after removal of typical discrete audio disturbances
  • two different kinds of spectrum re-synthesis
  • extended resolution for low frequencies
  • resizable and zoomable spectrogram window for sound repairing with surgical precision
  • audition of any marked area before and after processing
  • multiple undo functions
  • numerous shortcut functions for quicker workflow
  • AlgoEdit™, an easy-to-use audio editor included
  • difference function when using AlgoEdit™; your hear what you've removed
  • all internal calculations in double floating-point accuracy (80 bits)

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I deal every day with dialogs, interviews, and other location recordings. It made me often crazy when I had to spend hours or even days to clean up a few minutes of a piece that could not be recorded once more. Now, with easyNOVA™, such operations cost me sometimes just a few seconds. I have been working with easyNOVA™ already for 5 weeks, but this technology amaze me every day anew.
Travis Neumann
Post Pro Productions
Last updated: 18.06.2006