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Q: How can I access easyreNOVAtor in Wavelab 5?
  • Be sure that easyreNOVAtor is installed on your system.
  • If your Wavelab Version is not 5.01b, you have to download a patch from the link below: ftp.steinberg.net/Download/WaveLab/5.0.1.B/PC/
    (Note that for the installation you'll need your original Wavelab Installation CD)
  • After installing the patch, a new entry, easyNOVA.., appears in the WaveLab Tools menu. This entry is enabled if a wave window is open and an audio selection is active (two channels or a single channel). Now easyreNOVAtor can be started by selecting it from the menu and the marked area can be edited. This area has to be smaller than 60 seconds, because the data exchange with easyreNOVAtor takes place in the RAM memory. Playback can be started or stopped either in the easyreNOVAtor (data processed by easyreNOVAtor; PlugIns in the MasterSection are ignored) or in WaveLab (unprocessed data). By pressing the button Accept the processed data is taken over to WaveLab. Since the PlugIn window is not modal, it's possible to work with WaveLab without closing easyreNOVAtor.

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I deal every day with dialogs, interviews, and other location recordings. It made me often crazy when I had to spend hours or even days to clean up a few minutes of a piece that could not be recorded once more. Now, with easyreNOVAtor, such operations cost me sometimes just a few seconds. I have been working with easyreNOVAtor already for 5 weeks, but this technology amaze me every day anew.
Travis Neumann
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Last updated: 08.03.2013