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    • Tape Op, Issue #68 (Nov/Dec 2008)
      Tape Op, Issue #68 (Nov/Dec 2008) ...If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting a well-appointed wood shop, you'll encounter specialized tools that allow a master craftsman to handle special requests. Mastering engineers are in a similar situation. Sometimes there are requirements that can't be fudged or simulated. The proper tool is necessary. The K-Stereo plug-in is such a tool. This is not a process that you should use on every song, but when you need it, there is nothing that comes close to sounding like the K-Stereo.

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    • Professional audio Magazin (Germany), September 2008
      Professional audio Magazin September 2008 ...Summary: Once again one has to declare Algorithmix fulsome praise for creating  a professional High-End tool. K-Stereo is a plug-in that works subtle and nearly unnoticeable in the background and when applied properly is missed only when it's deactivated. The excellent sounding plug-in is not a brute-force sound deforming tool, but more a sound polisher which primarily is intended for mastering and belongs into the trained hands of professionals. The price-performance ratio compared to current available hardware solutions is outstanding.

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    • Amazona.de  (Germany), July 2008
      Keyboards Review July 2005 ...Conclusion: K-Stereo is a dream come true for many mastering engineers who desired an easy-to-use and much more affordable version of the unique algorithm from Bob Katz.

      K-Stereo occupies a not so small market niche: Who ever  is interested in the improvement of the space definition or the depth of his productions, should take a look and of course listen to this plug-in.  Acoustic recordings and pure computer productions in particular benefit most. The algorithm is perfectly suited for glueing together a demo or to add the dot on the i to the spatiality of an already very good recording. Without introducing any sound of its own, K-Stereo accelerates the mastering and/or compilation process significantly avoiding a time-consuming ambience and early-reflection search with out-board gear. Like any other mastering tool K-Stereo won't work on every track, but if applied properly it can enhance the imaging and the three-dimensionality of the track in a very subtle manner.

      Read the whole article (in German): www.amazona.de.
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I tested the plug-in extensively in an attended session. I was able to shift settings during play back, bypass and enable the plug in, and bring up numerous instances without any problems.
I would also like to take this opportunity to say how convenient the visual GUI is vs. the hard ware unit. I don’t want this to sound negative against the hardware, but having all of the controls available at once – plus the visual of the width and depth fields — really make this plug-in a wonderful transfer from analog to plug in world.
Garrett Haines
Treelady Studios
Last updated: 07.10.2009