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Order & Pricing Information

Price: EUR 1490 for EU residents incl. VAT
  EUR 1252 for non EU residents
incl. Switzerland and Norway or EU residents with valid VAT number
  academic discounts and student versions are available on request

Mastering Bundle 1 EUR 1995 1
EUR 1700 2
LP Split Compressor +
Classic PEQ Blue
Mastering Bundle 2 EUR 2195 1
EUR 1850 2
LP Split Compressor +
Linear Phase PEQ Red or Orange
Mastering Bundle 3 EUR 2850 1
EUR 2400 2
LP Split Compressor + LP PEQ Red or Orange + Classic PEQ Blue
1 for EU residents incl. VAT
2 for non EU residents incl. Switzerland and Norway or EU residents with a valid VAT number
More bundles are available on request.

For ordering or more information please contact us at:
  • email:
  • phone: +49 7741 91930 *
  • fax: +49 7741 67 22 57
  • * Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9.00am-7.00pm CET
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Order & Pricing Information
System Requirements
Price: € 1252 (excl. VAT)

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It was a pure pleasure putting under the microscope a dynamic tool of this caliber during the beta cycle.
It is engineered to deliver maximum flexibility, excellent sonic results and surgical precision in spectral frequency dynamic manipulation.
A comprehensive monitoring path has been implemented in order to allow the operator to know exactly what is happening throughout the processing stage.
It has become an invaluable asset in my equipment chain and my number one choice in altering dynamic elements. Sound craftsmanship at its best! Kudos to the whole Algorithmix team for an exceptional effort to produce a processor of this magnitude.
Sakis Anastopoulos
Digisound Mastering
Last updated: 01.02.2010