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DYNAMIC RANGE METER and the end of loudness insanity

Dynamic RangeOn January 15, 2009, at the NAMM Show in California the Pleazurize Music Foundation has released the TT DYNAMIC RANGE METER (freeware) developed by Algorithmix. This technology provides a new fundament making future music releases conform to this new dynamic range standard. It is intended to print a dynamic range value on each recording medium as a logo thus giving consumers immediate information about the dynamic quality of a recording. In addition, an online database with music released according to the standard is planned.

This is the beginning to stop the ‘Loudness War’. For those who are not familiar with this term, a short explanation: the ‘Loudness War’ designates the senseless competition among record companies supporting music with increasingly high amounts of compression and the loudness set up to the limit. This produce extremely obtrusive squeezed sound without details and emotional content. We believe that our standard will revitalize the entire music industry.

Y o u can actively help out by supporting the work of the Pleasurize Music Foundation and making the DR logo a desired sign on every CD or DVD. Pleasurize YOUR Music!

To learn more about the Pleasurize Music Foundation and the free Dynamic Range Meter, go to our Website:

www.DynamicRange.de or www.PleasurizeMusic.com

TT Dynamic Range Meter
Last updated: 03.03.2009