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Q: How can I save/recall LinearPhase PEQ settings to/from a file?
  • Besides the possibility to store 2 temporary presets (using the appropriate buttons in the PlugIn), you can store as many presets you like by pressing ctrl-s. By doing that a file dialog opens allowing to store the current settings of the active PlugIn as a preset. With ctrl-l the preset list can be opened and a particular preset loaded.
  • Other useful shortcuts: With ctrl-c and ctrl-v different settings can be copied among several simultaneously opened PEQs. Even compatible settings between LinearPhase PEQ Orange and LinearPhase PEQ Red can be exchanged. ctrl-t toggles between the current setting and the latest one stored with ctrl-c.
  • Important remark: Unfortunately on some hosts the shortcuts are suppressed when the PlugIn is loaded as VST.












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Having the hardware Weiss Linear Phase EQ1 Mk2 as the reference, I've never expected to hear any other product, especially a software PlugIn, playing in the same league, but the LinearPhase PEQ Orange became to be an indispensable complement tool in our mastering suite.
Last updated: 01.10.2007