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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I access reNOVAtor in Wavelab 5?
  • Be sure that reNOVAtor is installed on your system.
  • If your Wavelab Version is not 5.01b, you have to download a patch from the link below: ftp.steinberg.net/Download/WaveLab/5.0.1.B/PC/
    (Note that for the installation you'll need your original Wavelab Installation CD)
  • After installing the patch, a new entry, reNOVAtor.., appears in the WaveLab Tools menu. This entry is enabled if a wave window is open and an audio selection is active (two channels or a single channel). Now reNOVAtor can be started by selecting it from the menu and the marked area can be edited. This area has to be smaller than 60 seconds, because the data exchange with reNOVAtor takes place in the RAM memory. Playback can be started or stopped either in the reNOVAtor (data processed by reNOVAtor; PlugIns in the MasterSection are ignored) or in WaveLab (unprocessed data). By pressing the button Accept the processed data is taken over to WaveLab. Since the PlugIn window is not modal, it's possible to work with WaveLab without closing reNOVAtor.
Q: Why is reNOVAtor not as DirectX/VST version available?
A: Due to the fact that reNOVAtor needs specific interface functions directly to the host editor which are not provided by the DirectX or VST standard. Therefore every implementation into a new editor presupposes a good cooperation with the respective DAW manufacturer.
Till this day, the reNOVAtor interface has been implemented, or is about to be integrated in the major DAWs. If your favorite host system is not in our list yet, encourage the manufacturer to implement the interface in his audio editor if you need power of our tool.

Currently the following DAWs are supported:
  • Pyramix Virtual Studio (Merging Technologies)
  • Sequoia (Magix)
  • ProTools PC (Digidesign)
  • Wavelab (Steinberg)
  • ProTools MAC OSX (Digidesign)
  • Soundscape 16/32 and R.Ed (SSL)
The implementation process is in progress for:
  • Nuendo and Cubase SX (Steinberg): feasibility study

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...I cannot see how reNOVAtor is anything less than an essential tool for the audio professional dealing with the kinds of major disturbances routinely found in finishing sound for film, television and records. Disturbances that would mar a beautiful performance or an otherwise perfect recording become ancient history.
Alan Silverman
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Last updated: 08.03.2013