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Client Testimonials

I am working on a beautiful violin/piano jazz duet CD and the artist asked if there was a particular bow scrape that I might be able to do something about. At first I though to myself, no, but then went to reNOVAtor and literally a few minutes later, the violin note remained and the scrape was gone. All I had to do was a level change in the VIP to compensate for a shift in perceived volume. This is impossible!
a few days later...
Algorithmix makes me into a genius! In less than 1 minute I have selected a pianissmo section of the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2, recorded recently by my friend at the Dallas Symphony, which was marred by a cough far back in the hall, and without reading the manual, I have removed 95% of this rude interruption to the music Considering how quiet the piano passage is and how far into the ambience of the hall the cough was, and that I have never tried this plug-in before, this is genius. Yours of course! I am going to enjoy learning this tool.
Alan Silverman
Alan Silverman
mastering engineer at Arf! Digital, a facility in NYC specializing in high-resolution audio. He has mastered numerous Grammy Award CDs as well as world music phenomenon "Lagrimas Negras," nominated for Record of The Year, Album of The Year, and Best Engineered Record in the 2004 Latin Grammies and voted the top CD of 2003 by Ben Ratliff of the New York Times. He has just completed remastering The Kinks catalog for hybrid SA-CD. Alan is active in the Audio Engineering Society and has chaired workshops in high-resolution mastering at the society's national conventions.
...I just had a wonderful experience with reNOVAtor. The client said that he loved the mastering on the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", but in the chorus he said that the chimes seemed to come up a little, probably because the mastering had softened the attack of the acoustic guitar. He asked me if I could lower the level of the chimes. I was able to go to the chorus of the song, pick out each fundamental note of the chime instrument and lower it 1 dB or so without affecting the level of any other instrument. The client says it's a miracle, and he didn't have to remix.
Bob Katz
Bob Katz
successful and professional Mastering Engineer, having mastered many albums released by artists such as Dizzy Gillespie, Taj Mahal, Emmy Lou Harris, Hartford Symphony and many more. He has also released his own book about the art of mastering, and has invented and produced some of his own mastering tools.
You should know that reNOVAtor was extensively used on Chick Corea's Grammy award winning "Rendezvous in New York" SACD, recorded live at the Blue Note Cafe. In particular, the track "Crystal Silence" (a duo with vibraphonist Gary Burton) contained a *very* loud sneeze, that seemed to be everywhere in the surround soundfield. At the time, I had no knowledge that reNOVAtor would work at Pyramix' DSD editing rate of 352.8K/32bit, just a desire to repair this otherwise stellar performance for my client. A few hopeful minutes later, the sneeze was reduced to a level that fit with the club ambience and was no longer a bothersome event. I used reNOVAtor to process all 8 tracks (5.1 mix + 2ch mix) of the recording simultaneously. Further use of reNOVAtor on this project allowed the complete and transparent removal of clicks, pops, coughs and a few 'spoons on saucers' that otherwise would have sounded like playing mistakes! Since that time, reNOVAtor has been indispensible, in that it is the only available tool of its kind that can process multi-channnel DSD and retain the quality of the source audio.
Graemme Brown
Zen Mastering Vancouver
...I just wanted to send you a quick hello and to tell you how phenomenal your products are. I have been going through my sample libraries (THOUSANDS of samples) and using reNOVAtor to remove unwanted things such as breaths, instrument body noises, bow sounds and a whole host of other things. It is just superb! Your denoiser NoiseFree is equally fantastic, although I don’t yet know it as well as reNOVAtor. ScratchFree is amazing.
Dan P. Dean
Dan Dean Productions
Boy this baby rocks. I tested reNOVAtor very thoroughly and I am very impressed with its performance. The results are outstanding.
Sakis Anastopoulos
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...I cannot see how reNOVAtor is anything less than an essential tool for the audio professional dealing with the kinds of major disturbances routinely found in finishing sound for film, television and records. Disturbances that would mar a beautiful performance or an otherwise perfect recording become ancient history.
Alan Silverman
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Last updated: 08.03.2013