Algorithmix® was founded by professionals having broad expertise in digital audio, psychoacoustics, digital signal processing, electronics, and computer hardware and software. 

The main business of the company is high-end, artifact-free, real-time DSP algorithms for customized digital audio processing systems such as:

digital audio workstations

mixing consoles

19" effect devices

broadcast systems

audio for video

audio for film

digital musical instruments 

Bringing professional digital audio quality into the PC multimedia world is another challenge we have undertaken. The computational power of today PCs and high-quality sound cards (> 16 bit, with digital IOs) are good conditions for inexpensive, high quality audio. Bad hardware is not the only element responsible for noise, distortion, and stuttered sounds. Very often the reasons for these annoyances are poor digital algorithms used in the audio processing software. We believe our contribution helps to give the PC high-quality sound and the PC users professional processing tools with an easy-to-use man/machine interface.
(For more information see also: http://dspcollaborative.analog.com/developers/...).

If you are looking for an experienced partner for digital audio development, or if you are interested in licensing our algorithms contact us at: info@algorithmix.com

For questions, problems, or comments regarding this website, please contact: webmaster@algorithmix.com

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