Sound Laundry™ V2.5 Demo Version
This file contains the demo version of the Sound Laundry™ advanced suite, which includes the Plug-In Station with the AlgoPlayer and all currently available Plug-Ins, namely:
  • DeScratcher
  • DeNoiser
  • PEQclassic
  • High/LowCut
  • Analyzer
  • DeRumble
  • DC-Removal
  • AlgoSpec
  • Signal Control

Installing Directions
Double-click the self-extracting .exe file, which will automatically guide you through the installation process.

This evaluation version provides almost complete functionality, except:

  • playback time is limited to 3 minutes for the Plug-Ins (not for the Plug-In Station)
  • recording time is limited to 3 minutes
  • processed wave files cannot be saved to hard disk (only real-time playback)
  • duplex mode (from audio input through
    Sound Laundry™
    to audio output) is disabled

System Requirements
For real-time operation of all Plug-Ins simultaneously the minimum system requirements are:

Processor: Intel Pentium™ 233 MHz or AMD K6 266 MHz
OS: Windows™ 95/98/ME/NT4.0/XP
Sound Card: Windows™ compatible 16bit/44.1kHz stereo with standard Windows™ driver
Graphics: SVGA 800x600, 256 colors min.

Download the file from
North America1: sl25demo.exe
North America2
: sl25demo.exe
Europe: sl25demo.exe

Product Sound Laundry™
Version 2.5
Plattform Windows™ 9x/ME
File name sl25demo.exe
Date 19.01.2004
File size 2.01 MB
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