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"...the restoration with Sound Laundry sounds convincing. The De-Noiser copes surprising well even with difficult material like high-dynamic or already compressed recordings...The De-Scratcher also supplies good results and eliminates even over-driven clicks.
...a music archive with compact casettes, old tapes and records can well be restored with Sound Laundry. Sound Laundry offers a complete solution for the audio restoration..."

Keys 2/99, Germany, by Thomas Sandmann

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"...summarizing, it is the effectiveness that impresses most, while working with this tool set. It produces no incredible miracles though, however extremely useful results..."

PC & Musik 4/99, Germany, by Stefan Martin Asef

"...this PlugIn collection masters the restoration and cleaning of audio files only - but this is done especially well..."

PC Professionell 6/99, Germany, by HWE

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"...the De-Clicker PlugIn is recommended absolutely..."

c't 2/99, Germany, by Peter Röbke-Doerr

Clientes quotes
"... I recently purchased Sound Laundry™ advanced suite and it is FANTASTIC ! I was up and running and feeling very comfortable with the program within half an hour! I own and operate a website/business ( restoring vintage and modern recordings and transferring them to CD, and Sound Laundry™ definitely saved my butt on a recent project involving some home made 78 recordings that I don't think I could have done without it. THANKS!!!!
Dennis B. Hamilton, April '02 about Sound Laundry™ 2.5 advanced suite
"... not only is Sound Laundry the fastest "no-problem" audio restoration software I ever used, it also delivers outstanding results.
There's nothing better out there."

Mark G. Pinske, Skylab Recording Studios, sound engineer for Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Terrence Trent D'arby, David Lee Roth,
Jan. '99 about Sound Laundry™ 2.1

"...I just got my registered Sound Laundry 2.1. It's worth every penny!
It is a miracle compared to the tools I was using. (Spin Doctor & Cool
Edit Pro)."

Ken Smith, April '98 about Sound Laundry™ 2.1

"... I'm on my second album now. This one was taken from vinyl. I
had started work on this about 2 months ago and probably had put in
about 5-6 hours on the first two songs, cutting each pop and click out
one at a time. I think I am going to be able to finish all twelve songs
in about 2 hours using SL 2.0!!!!!
At any rate, I can't tell you how pleased I am with your product.
Great Job!"

Doug Gent, Media Productions, Nov.'97 about Sound Laundry™ 2.1

"...There are several programs out there that do noise reduction.
The best do their work without discernable loss of source material.

Adaptec EZ CD Creator
Its noise reduction software sucks! It removes considerable amount of source material and little hiss. I only use this program to layout and burn WAVs onto the CD-R.

CoolEdit or CoolEdit Pro
I use CoolEdit myself, as I didn't need the additional features of the "Pro" package. The noise reduction in CoolEdit is usable, but is somewhat slow and all processing is done off-line. To test results of specific settings, you isolate a small section of music, make settings, run the filter, check the results, repeat... It has a very nice EQ function and lots of filters and toys.

Algorithmix Sound Laundry
This is a great program! It has several plug-in modules, the most useful are the de-click and de-noise modules. It really works great online or off-line. I suggest you download the demo version and see for yourself.
At ~$200 for the most useful modules, it's not a toy, but if you are serious about getting the best sound, it's a great buy. I use this routinely for digitizing albums and cassettes. Removes 99% of crackles, surface noise and hiss WITHOUT discernable loss of source material. Truly amazing."

Michael Borowiec, Mai '99 about Sound Laundry™ 2.1

"...I would never claim to be a professional at this. "Enthusiastic amateur"
would be a better description. I do have high standards, though, and the
reason I bought your de-scratcher is that after extensive evaluation of
many products, I found it to be the best affordable package for the
reduction of vinyl crackle. It seems especially effective at removing
the kind of distortion you get from damage caused by mistracking."

Clive Backham, Aug.'98 about the De-Sratcher from Sound Laundry™ 2.1

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