AlgoRec permits easy recording of audio files according to the red-book standard (16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo). Therefore it is ideally suited as an add-on to all CD- recor- ding programs currently available. Unlike the Windows™ audio-recorder, AlgoRec records directly to the hard-disk, allowing recording of very long audio files with the only limitation being the amount of available free disk space.   

In addition, AlgoRec has the real-time compression engine AlgoPress™ built-in, saving hundreds of megabytes of storage space. AlgoPress™ preserves the original data during compression. After decoding, the samples are exactly the same as before. The achieved compression rate can be up to 60 % for typical audio data. 

To avoid low-signal distortion and decreased dynamic range arising from low-quality analog-to-digital converters, a professional digital DC-removal filter is integrated into the recording path. 

If don't need any compression or a DC-removal filter, AlgoRec compact is the well-priced alternative.

Key features
unlimited wave-recording time
up to 60% economized disk space 
loss-less real-time compression
high-quality DC-Removal Filter
Price: $39 Order Online! Download demo version!

Screenshot of AlgoRec

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