AlgoTest is an easy to use testing program for measuring the noise level of soundcards and their frequency distribution.

It displays the noise parameters like the noise level peak to peak (p-p) and true rms, as well as the DC offset of the input signal. As this measurement is very accurate, even high quality soundcards or  external ADC´s (Analog to Digital Converter, e.g. DAT) connected via digital interface to the computer can reliably be tested and compared.

The integrated DC-Filter can be used to remove the influence of DC components present in the input signal.

The FFT analyzer window displays the frequency distribution of the input signal between 20 Hz and 20 kHz for both channels in real time. It also allows detection of all types of artifacts from the analog to digital conversion. 

Key features
noise level
DC Offset
distortion spectrum
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Screenshot of AlgoTest

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