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Powerful, easy-to-use Noise-Reduction & Enhancement Audio PlugIns


Overview top
Easy Tool is a very easy-to-use set of real-time Plug-Ins primarily intended for cleaning up noisy and scratchy recordings. It is also very well suited for general sound improvement when using PlugIns like the Easy Enhancer.
The big challenge during the development of Easy Tools was to create a software that allows maximal performance with a minimal number of parameters to be adjusted.

Easy Tools consists of the Easy Tools PlugIn Center, the Easy Tools Player with the Easy Tools PlayList and various PlugIns.

Easy Tools PlugIn Center
The Easy Tools PlugIn Center is responsible for the handling and chaining up to six PlugIns simultaneously. It also features an enhanced preset management allowing the comparison of different parameter sets and PlugIn compositions with just one mouse click. Also integrated is the unique Algorithmix difference function enabling you to monitor the noise being removed. With the power of this feature the parameter setup gets even easier!

Easy Tools Player
The Easy Tools Player is WAV and mp3 player providing basic editing functions. It features not only a wave display with zoom-in and zoom-out, a loop editor, cut and split operations, but also a store function which allows saving audio files after processing. The precise output level meter with reset able peak hold make it easy to prevent clippings. All mp3 formats (including variable bit rates) as well as *.wav files are supported.

Easy Tools PlayList
With the new resizable Easy Tools PlayList automatic playback of several files is possible. Single files or whole directories can be added or dragged & dropped to the list. Files can be arranged using the sort function, shuffle function, or individually by using the mouse. A search function is also implemented.

Easy Tools™ 1.1 PlugIn Center


Easy Tools Plug-In Center

up to 6 Plug-Ins simultaneously

preset management

difference and bypass functions

adjustable time & frequency resolution

cpu load meter
Easy Tools™ 1.1 Player


Easy Tools Player

mp3 and WAV file playback

waveform display with

loop editor with split and cut functions

precise level meters with peak hold

informative status line
Easy Tools™ 1.1 PlayList


Easy Tools Playlist

resizable & dockable window

sort, shuffle and search functions

drag and drop of files

display of the length of the files


PlugIns top
The following four Easy Tools PlugIns are currently available:

Easy DeClicker
The Easy DeClicker effectively removes clicks from old vinyl records (33 & 45 rpm), as well as other kinds of impulse-like noises coming from microphone or digital cross-talk.

Easy Tools™ -- EasyDelicker 1.1

Easy DeClicker Highlights
DeClick Scope monitoring the declicking process graphically

three click profiles (LP1, LP2, 45) optimized for typical cleaning situations

adjustable declicking intensity

Easy DeNoiser
The Easy DeNoiser effectively eliminates any kind of broad-band noise like tape hiss or background noise.

Easy Tools™ -- EasyNoiser 1.1

  Easy DeNoiser Highlights
DeNoise Scope displaying the frequency spectrum after the denoising process

three noise profiles (LP, Tape1, Tape2) optimized for typical denoising situations

adjustable denoising intensity

Easy Equalizer
The Easy Equalizer allows modifications of the sound spectrum, e.g., while recording vocals or after denoising very bad recordings.

Easy Tools™ -- EasyEqualizer 1.1

  Easy Equalizer Highlights
5-band filter with equally
spaced center frequencies
at 63, 250, 1k, 4k, 16kHz

filter gain range ±12dB

master level slider

Easy Enhancer
The Easy Enhancer is a powerful tool for sound improvement,
especially for recordings which sound weak, are bad leveled or spectrally unbalanced. It is very well suited for revitalization of recordings from old records or tapes after sound restoration. You will also hear a big difference when listening to all kinds of audio material over small multimedia loudspeakers placed close to each other while the Easy Enhancer is in the processing chain. It simply makes things sound better.
The Easy Enhancer continuously analyses the audio signal and provides optimized sound enhancement in three areas: dynamic bass maximizing, high-frequency boost, and stereo image increase. The bass maximizer is not just a simple bass equalizer; it works dynamically, i.e., dependent on low-frequency contents in the audio signal. A reliable Peak Limiter and Soft Clipper included at the end of the processing chain avoid annoying signal distortions even at exaggerated enhancement levels.
You will be amazed how much better your favorite mp3 songs can sound over low-price PC loudspeakers and how good you can revitalize your old recordings restored with the Easy DeClicker and the Easy DeNoiser. 

Easy Tools™ -- EasyEnhancer 1.1

  Easy Enhancer Highlights
dynamic bass maximizer
high-frequency booster
stereo wideness function
Enhance Scope displaying the audio spectrum after processing

three presets especially emphasizing the chosen enhancer function

adjustable enhancing intensity
Easy Tools and Audiograbber top
Easy Tools with the Easy Tools Player and Easy Tools PlayList is a stand-alone application. The Easy Tools Plug-Ins, however, are also accessible in the Line in Sampling window of the Audiograbber through the Easy Tools Plug-In interface. Audiograbber  is one of the most popular CD-Rippers for Windows™ and freeware. Besides a lot of useful functions it allows recording audio and converting it to mp3 in one single step. This is where the Easy Tools Plug-Ins come into play. When loading them in the Line in Sampling window of the Audiograbber, it is possible to effectively remove disturbing clicks and unwanted noise from old vinyl records or tapes already during the recording process. To learn more about Audiograbber and download a free copy, visit:

Easy Tools™ and the Audiograbber

Downloads top
The trial version of Easy Tools is available for download here. Easy Tools will work for a period of two weeks or 50 starts without any limitations except that audio files over 2 minutes length cannot be saved to hard disk. Please note that an online registration is required for the trial version.
If you do not have a internet connection, please contact: If you like to use Easy Tools in the Audiograbber please make sure that you have the latest version installed which you can download free of charge at:

Prices top
Every Easy Tools PlugIn is separately available: The Easy DeClicker, Easy DeNoiser and the Easy Equalizer cost $19 each, the Easy Enhancer $29 (for owners of the Easy Tools Power Pack only $19!). Moreover, an Easy Tools Power Pack containing the Easy DeClicker, Easy DeNoiser and the Easy Equalizer plus the Easy Tools Player is offered for $49.

Online Order top
Easy Tools can be ordered in our online secure shop not only via credit card but also via fax or phone if you don't want to place your credit card number on the Internet. You'll find the shop here.

Latest News top
19.10 In some special cases it seems to be impossible to open the integrated *.pdf help file of Easy Tools trial version. When you have encountered this problem, please download the help file here and read it offline with the Acrobat® Reader®.
20.10 The Easy Tools Plug-Ins for Audiograbber and the Easy Tools Power Pack are now available in our online store. You'll find our secure online store here.
22.04. Easy Tools version 1.1 is out now! A lot of new cool features and enhanced stability. Download the trial version here.

Last updated: 10.01.2008

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Current Easy Tools version is 1.1.0 build 831
System requirements
Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000/XP
/Vista, 6MB disk space,
16bit/44.1kHz sound card,
SVGA 800x600, 256 colors
Easy DeClicker $19
Easy DeNoiser $19
Easy Equalizer $19
Easy Enhancer $29
Easy Tools Power Pack $49
ET Power Pack Owner
Easy Enhancer $19

The Power Pack includes the Easy DeClicker, Easy DeNoiser, Easy Equalizer and the Easy Tools Player with the PlayList.

All prices are in US $ exc. VAT

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