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The DeNoiser PlugIn

The DeNoiser PlugIn is a single-ended noise reduction system. It effectively removes any kind of broad-band noise: tape hiss, telephone call cut noise, background noise from live recordings, and residual noise from old records after processing with the DeScratcher PlugIn.

The PlugIn Station with its wave display and loop editor perfectly supports noise profile capturing. In many cases, however, a simple use of predefined profiles modified by the new implemented high shelving function provides perfect results. The parameters attack and release allows perfect tuning of the dynamic behavior of the DeNoiser PlugIn helping to get perfect results in critical situations like preserving ambience and enhancing speech intelligibility.

Thus is the DeNoiser PlugIn unavoidable in forensic
applications, too.



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DeNoiser PlugIn 
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Key features
single-ended noise reduction 
customized noise profiles for optimum performance
modification of the noise profiles for more ambience
noise scope and level displays
advanced parameters for outstanding performance when working with critical audio material
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Screenshot of the DeNoiser PlugIn



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