Sound Laundry version 2.5

The PlugIn Station

The PlugIn Station  is the host for the Sound Laundry PlugIns. It is responsible for handling the input and output of .WAV audio and for loading and chaining the audio processing PlugIns.
The PlugIn Station includes a sophisticated .WAV file player with advanced functions like zoom able waveform display, differing playback speeds, reverse playback, and loop mode. It can also play back the MP3 files.
A wave recorder being active in recording mode allows to store very long digital audio files. All professional audio sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz and 32-bit floating point format are fully supported.
Advanced recorder functions like input signal threshold and timer further enhance application field of the PlugIn Station.

The PlugIn Station works in four modes:

  • Live Processing -- input of the sound card live processed and sent to its output
  • Recording -- input of the sound card live processed and sent to a .wav file
  • Playback -- wave (or MP3) file processed and sent to the output of the sound card
  • Off-line Processing -- input wave file processed and sent to an output



PlugIn Station
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Key features
up to 10 PlugIns simultaneously
unique difference function
precise input and output level meter
advanced preset support 
Live Processing, Recording, Playback and Off-line Processing
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Screenshot of the PlugIn Station



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