Sound Laundry version 2.5

Sound Laundry V2.5 - Key features


The entire Sound Laundry™ suite consists of numerous high-quality components. Every PlugIn provides specific functionality:

PlugIn Station
(including AlgoPlayer
the host module for all PlugIns
including a sophisticated .wav
and .mp3 file player, wave display with loop editor, recorder with threshold and time limit
DeScratcher removes clicks, spikes, digital
cross-talk, static discharge, crackles, pops
DeNoiser removes hiss, hum, thyristor
buzz, fan noise, camera sound
PEQclassic six-band full parametric equalizer
with low and high shelving filters
High/LowCut Filter the highcut is very useful for attenuating hiss-type noises, linear-phase technology does not affect the timbre.
the lowcut removes low-pitched noises.
Analyzer compares the spectrums of audio signals before and after processing
DeRumble attenuate or eliminate low- frequency and subsonic signals
DC-Removal removes the DC part in the
audio signal
AlgoSpec shows 3D moving spectrum of the analyzed signals and helps to find suspicious spectrum anomalies
SignalControl allows to correct the volume
and stereo balance, to change
signal polarity and swap the channels, displays signal levels and correlation



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