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Sound Laundry is distributed by online order. Due to the fact that it is a modular system, every PlugIn is available separately. So you can build up the system that most fits your personal needs without wasting money for things you don't really need. This way you also can purchase PlugIns later or add new functionality to your system with upcoming new PlugIns.

For ordering and pricing information please follow this link. Please also note our discount rates saving you up to 30% if purchasing the complete
Sound Laundry classic or Sound Laundry advanced.

Sound Laundry classic includes following PlugIns: DeScratcher, DeNoiser, Analyzer, High/LowCut Filter, DC-Removal, and SignalControl.

Sound Laundry advanced includes all the PlugIns listed above plus PEQclassic, DeRumble, and AlgoSpec.

Sound Laundry will also be available on CD ROM soon.


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