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compact edition includes the most important restoration algorithms imported from Sound Laundry™, namely the De-Scratcher, the De-Noiser, and the Analyzer.

The De-Scratcher effectively removes clicks and crackles from old vinyl or shellac records. The De-Noiser is a weapon against tape hiss, noise from telephone-call cuts or residual noise from old records after processing with the De-Scratcher. The Analyzer displays the frequency spectrum of two independent channels and noise profiles simultaneously.

You will not find a preview button in Sound Laundry™ compact edition, because all signal processing calculations are done in real-time during playback. Our unique difference function allows you to hear the noise you are removing from the input. This makes parameter setup and optimising, which takes an eternity on other systems, a child's play with Sound Laundry™ compact edition.

If you are experienced audio restorator you may need additional tools included in our PlugIn version of Sound Laundry™.


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