Online Registration of Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition DEUTSCHE VERSION
Welcome to the Online Registration of Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition!

The registration process consists of the following steps:
Step1: Address Please provide your name, address and some additional information on this page. Make sure that your email address is written correctly, because the new registration information will be sent this address after completing step3.
Step2: Key Validation On this page you have to enter your Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition serial number you received upon purchase. You'll find the serial number attached to the CD cover of the supplied CD. It looks like: SLE-20001-123456789abcdef.
Step3: Download Download the latest version of the software onto your hard disk by clicking on the indicated link on this page. Please be sure to save the file on your hard disk first, before installing the file. This way you'll be able to reinstall the program whenever you need to.
Step4: Reinstallation Install the latest version by clicking on the downloaded file ('srtt_en.exe') and follow the instructions. After the automatic deinstallation of the previous version, you'll be asked to enter the new registration information (<name> and <serial number>) you'll receive by email within a few minutes after completing step3.

Please click on the button below to start the registration process.

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