Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition v2.1
(bundled with TerraTec's® PhonoPreAmp iVinyl and DMX 6Fire USB)
Description top
Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition v2.1 is a powerful tool for cleaning up problematic and historic recordings directly on your PC. It helps you remove or significantly reduce unwanted audio, maintaining authentic sound with almost no degradation of its original quality.

Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition v2.1 is an ideal enhancement for audio editing and CD recording programs, especially, if you are interested in transferring all your treasures from tape, vinyl or even shellac records to CD using e.g. the TerraTec PhonoPreAmp iVinyl.

More information about the PhonoPreAmp iVinyl or the DMX 6Fire USB is available at:
Online Support top
Before you contact us, please be sure that you have installed the latest version of Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition v2.1. You can download it when you register. (Normally this will solve 95% of all issues). If your problem still exists, read all FAQs on this site. Please note that we only licensed our software Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition to TerraTec. Therefore we cannot help you with any questions concerning any hardware matters of the PhonoPreAmp iVinyl, sound card or USB driver problems and other software. All these questions should be addressed to TerraTec directly:

Hotline (USA): +407 331 4002
Hotline (UK/Ireland/Germany): +49 2157 817914

However if you still have a problem directly related to Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition, write us an email providing your support number you received after registration to: Please understand that we cannot respond to any emails written in a different language than English or German.

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Register your version of Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition v2.1 here.

Notice: A registration is not necessary for the software to run without any limitations even if <Unregistered Version> is displayed in the program! After registration your name will be displayed instead.

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions top


Why do I sometimes hear drop-outs while recording?


Due to the fact that a USB device like the PhonoPreAmp iVinyl cannot perfectly be synchronized with your soundcard, it is possible that some drop-outs may occur from time to time. However, this has no influence on the recorded audio. The recorded file will not contain any drop-outs.


What audio formats are supported?


Only *.wav files (Windows PCM *.wav) which are red-book compatible can be loaded. That means that they have to be recorded wit 16 Bit resolution and 44.1kHz sampling rate. If you use the built-in recorder AlgoRec the generated *.wav files will automatically be red book compatible. The red-book standard is supported by all CD Burning programs.


What are *.awf files good for?


For every *.wav file loaded into Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition a corresponding *.awf file is automatically created if it doesn't already exist. This helps to speed up the waveform display enormously, because the *.awf file contains the graphical waveform data. To save disk space you can safely delete *.awf files.

Tips & Tricks top

Resetting the numeric peak hold values during the
recording process

The peak hold values can be reset at any time by clicking (or double-clicking) on the level meter. This way a exaggerated input recording level can be avoided. (This function is implemented since version 2.03 build 434.)

Recording 2 sides of a vinyl LP
When recording 2 sides of a vinyl LP, stop the recording with the pause button when the first side is finished. Turn over the LP and press the pause button again to resume the recording. This way you make sure you'll have the whole LP recorded into one wav file and are able to create a CD List for the whole LP.

Saving *.wav files
Please do not save your recordings in the installation directory of Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition but choose a different one e.g. My LPs, because the whole directory will be deleted during a deinstallation or a reinstallation.

Resetting the fader
1. The fader for bass/volume/treble can be reset to the middle position by double-clicking on them.
2. By double-clicking on the fader of the DeScratcher and the DeNoiser they can be set to 0.0 (turned off).
3. To omit the influence of all faders and settings check the box bypass. Then you'll be able to listen to the original audio material.
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You can download the latest version of Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition v2.1 using one of the links below. Please notice that you need a personalized key for installation which you'll receive after registration.

Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition EN

(1,14 MB)

Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition DE

(1,14 MB)

Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition FR

(1,14 MB)

Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition ES

(1,14 MB)

Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition IT

(1,14 MB)

Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition NL

(1,14 MB)

For installation simply double-click on the respective file. (You'll need administrator rights for installation.)

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Last updated: 15.10.2009
Current Version:
Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition v2.10 build 937

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System requirements
Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP2, or Vista, 7MB disk space,
16bit/44.1kHz sound card,
SVGA 800x600, 256 colors,
1 available USB 2.0 interface
Compatible and tested CD Recording programs
WinOnCD™ 3.6 to 8.x
Easy CD Creator™ 5.0 to 8.x
Nero 4.0 to 7.x
If your software is not listed means only that you have to create the tracklist manually.


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