Sound Laundry™ V2.1    
SoundLaundryV2.1™ is a set of high-end, easy-to-use software modules intended for cleaning and mastering noisy, scratchy recordings--especially old records or cassettes. 

By using state-of-the-art algorithms based on the newest achievements in the field of psychoacoustics and digital signal processing, you can clean your noisy recordings, restoring them to CD suitable quality--even if you may have already tried other products that reached their limits. 

The real-time performance allows easy parameter adjustment during playback, providing optimal sonic results in a very short time. SoundLaundry™ is an ideal enhancement for any audio CD recording software. Any kind of contaminated or damaged audio material, from your favorite old shellac records to valuable cassette recordings or video soundtracks--even bad quality radio cuts--can be refreshed with the SoundLaundry™ processing modules. 

Because some .WAV recorders show significant limitations (e.g., limited maximum recording time), Algorithmix® provides a special wave file recorder--AlgoRec™
The entire SoundLaundryV2.1™ suite consists of the following components: 



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