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FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I change the "Max. Rec. Time"?
A: The maximum recording time Max. Rec. Time can be changed by clicking with the left mouse button onto the numeric field and moving the mouse up or down while keeping the left mouse button pressed. This way a value between 1 and 180 minutes can be selected assuming that enough hard disk space is available. It's also possible to enter a value directly by double-clicking Max. Rec. Time. When selecting the entry 'Off' or entering the value 0 min, the recording will not stop automatically.

Note that a modification of Max. Rec. Time is not possible while the recorder is in pause or recording mode.

Furthermore the maximum value selectable in Max. Rec. Time is dependent on the free disk space on the current selected volume displayed in Time left on HDD.

NOTE: Above explanations are valid from version v3.03 build 259. You can download the latest version here.
Q:: How can I place the play cursor to a certain position in the waveform?
A: The play cursor can be placed arbitrarily by clicking in the upper part of the waveform display (characterized by a grey background) at the desired position. This also can be done during playback.
Q: I use the phonoPreAmp for recording. Why is the input level grayed out when I press the "Mixer" button in AlgoRec 3.0?
A: The phonoPreAmp (USB and iVinyl) does not support a hardware mixer which AlgoRec 3.0 tries to open when you click on the Mixer button. You can set up the output level (which is the input level for AlgoRec 3.0) with the appropriate switches respectively buttons on the phonoPreAmp device itself (Min, Max, Line). Please consult the documentation of the phonoPreAmp for detailed information.
Q: I purchased Sound Rescue 3.0. How can I convert the trial version into the full version?
A: Please click on the button Serial which you'll find in the lower left corner of the pop-up window after the startup of Sound Rescue. Enter your registration data you received in your ordering email (Name AND Serial exactly as stated in the email). After accomplishing that the trial version will be automatically converted into the full version and there'll be no pop-up windows again.
(Alternatively you can open the window for entering the registration data by clicking on the little icon in the top left corner of the main window of Sound Rescue and choosing the menu entry Enter Serial.)
Q: How can I adjust the volume?
A: You can set up the maximum volume level of all marked tracks to a specified value by select the Normalize Tracks option in the Prepare CD dialog. The level can be adjusted in a range from -20 to 0 dB by clicking on the numeric field and moving the mouse up or down while keeping the left mouse button pressed.

Although a maximum level of -0dB is allowed, we recommend to use -0.1dB as peak value to avoid digital clipping in any case (some CD players may have problems with true 0 dB).

Normalizing tracks may help to align the sound level in tracks originated from different sources. On a vinyl record all tracks are usually properly normalized, but when pieces are combined from different records or audio cassettes, the recording level can differ.
Q: Is there a manual available?
A: You can access the online manual by clicking on the button Help or by pressing the key F1. Using the Print button in the Help window allows you to print out specific topics or the whole help file.
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How can I change the "Max. Rec. Time"?
Last updated: 17.11.2009