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compact edition is the high-end, easy-to-use all-in-one software solution intended for cleaning up problematic and historic recordings directly on your PC. It helps you remove or significantly reduce unwanted audio material while maintaining authentic sound without orginal quality degradation.

The built-in state-of-the-art algorithms, which are based on the newest achievements in the field of psychoacoustics and digital signal processing, have been imported from our well proven software Sound Laundry™

Any kind of scratchy audio material coming from your favorite shellac, vinyl records, valuable but noisy cassettes or video soundtrack recordings, can be refreshed with Sound Laundry™ compact edition.

This one-window version is especially designed for the multi-media user who does not want to spend hours learning complicated processing procedures, as well as the meanings and useses of never-ending parameter adjustments required by other professional software.

The application oriented De-Scratcher and De-Noiser presets, well-chosen parameter adjustment and the real-time performance guarantee amazing sonic results in minutes. 

Compare the sonic qualtity, processing speed and easy-to-use operation of Sound Laundry™ compact edition with other audio restoration software. We believe you'll choose Sound Laundry™ compact edition.

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