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a special modified version of reNOVAtor equipped with well prepared preset-like controls and thus especially suitable for very time-effective workflow
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Never before audio repair has been that easy and effective!
easyreNOVAtor removes unwanted audio incidents and replaces the vacancy with re-synthesized audio, intelligently created from surrounding context without affecting original audio in an audible manner.
The whole process is high-resolution and linear-phase, thus extremely transparent.
Try to remove a feedback whistle occurring during a gentle violin ensemble part, without noticeably leaving traces of the edit with all the normal tools and techniques on your disposal. It ain’t easy! With easyreNOVAtor, it takes a few seconds and the result is jaw dropping.
What is it?
Denoising techniques work well for stationary or quasi-stationary broadband noise. Short clicks coming from old records or switching noise can be successfully removed and replaced by declicker plug-in. However, neither a denoiser nor a declicker can successfully cope with longer complex audio disturbances, especially if they overlap material we want to recover. This fact has motivated us to develop a special tool, reNOVAtor and later its brother, easyreNOVAtor, especially optimized for time-effective workflow.

easyreNOVAtor is intended to rescue high-resolution live or location recordings from extraneous sounds and unwanted audio disturbances. Often, from the performance point of view, brilliant live recordings can not be accepted for CD release, because of disturbing noises like coughs, squeaky chairs, feedback squeals, horn of a passing truck, a bell from the neighboring tower, or ring tones from a cellular phone. Such disturbances are especially critical if they occur in quiet passages when recording classical music. Similarly, location recordings film, broadcast or TV often include annoying incidents which disqualify them to be used as originally intended. In these cases any kind of traditional equalization or editing methods is very time consuming and causes audible discontinuities in desired signal and ambience. Often after hours of hard work even the best post-pro engineer will capitulate.

How does it work?
easyreNOVAtor allows a quicker workflow. Like its ‘big brother’ it helps when all traditional editing tricks and processing methods have failed. It allows localization, identification and precise removal of unwanted audio events mostly without audibly affecting the audio material we want to keep. Spectral components of the disturbing sound in the selected area are lowered below the hearing threshold and thus making them inaudible. Unlike editing methods in the time domain, easyreNOVAtor does not make gaps in the wave file when eradicating a disturbing sound event, it just removes unwanted spectral components keeping the signal of interest not affected.

easyreNOVAtor or reNOVAtor?
easyreNOVAtor is optimized for very time-effective workflow and therefore equipped with well prepared preset-like controls. It’s ideal for post-pro broadcast, TV and film engineers working under extreme time pressure. When you deal with extremely tenacious disturbances or you just want to broaden your abilities and increase performance in cleaning audio material do upgrade to reNOVAtor that features extended manual parameter setup and some additional advanced functions.
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Latest News:
easyreNOVAtor is now also supported in Soundscape 16/32 and R.Ed.
I deal every day with dialogs, interviews, and other location recordings. It made me often crazy when I had to spend hours or even days to clean up a few minutes of a piece that could not be recorded once more. Now, with easyreNOVAtor, such operations cost me sometimes just a few seconds. I have been working with easyreNOVAtor already for 5 weeks, but this technology amaze me every day anew.
Travis Neumann
Post Pro Productions
Supported Systems
Pyramix Virtual Studio 4.1-5.0
ProTools HD,Mix,LE 6.0 for PC
WaveLab 5.01b - 6.0
Soundscape 16/32, R.Ed

stand-alone version runs on
Windows 9x/NT4/XP/Vista/7
Current Version:
easyreNOVAtor v2.10
build 1534
Last updated: 08.03.2013