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Q: How can I save/recall LinearPhase PEQ settings to/from a file?
  • Besides the possibility to store 2 temporary presets (using the appropriate buttons in the PlugIn), you can store as many presets you like by pressing ctrl-s. By doing that a file dialog opens allowing to store the current settings of the active PlugIn as a preset. With ctrl-l the preset list can be opened and a particular preset loaded.
  • Other useful shortcuts: With ctrl-c and ctrl-v different settings can be copied among several simultaneously opened PEQs. Even compatible settings between LinearPhase PEQ Orange and LinearPhase PEQ Red can be exchanged. ctrl-t toggles between the current setting and the latest one stored with ctrl-c.
  • Important remark: Unfortunately on some hosts the shortcuts are suppressed when the PlugIn is loaded as VST.












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I am putting the new Red continuous-slope low and high shelves through their paces on the new Chaka Kahn CD. The depth and punch of the lows and the air and silkiness of the highs are by far the best by far in my experience. A new benchmark. This has now become my default high and low EQ. Chaka said the CD sounded incredible and her producer said the lows and highs were "amazing."
Last updated: 04.05.2008