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  • removal of unwanted noises like sneezing, chair squeaks, coughs, car horns, coins and keys falling down, hits, bumps, rumbles, ringing of a cell phone etc.
  • correction of instrumental tracks by removing scratches (guitar, violin), wrong notes, rustle of music sheets, breathing, lip-smacks and microphone pops of a vocalist, pedals of an organ
  • restoration of old recordings by removing scratches and dropouts
  • cleaning up location records for film and TV from environmental noises
  • removal of heavy hum and buzz
  • cleaning up poor recorded dialogs and telephone cuts to be restored for forensic purposes
  • elimination of ultrasonic disturbances from DSD recordings
  • increasing speech intelligibility in heavy forensic cases, even when the signal-to-noise ratio is around 0 dB
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...I cannot see how reNOVAtor is anything less than an essential tool for the audio professional dealing with the kinds of major disturbances routinely found in finishing sound for film, television and records. Disturbances that would mar a beautiful performance or an otherwise perfect recording become ancient history.
Alan Silverman
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Last updated: 08.03.2013